…(T)hey’re very funny people and they do and say a lot of things that will surprise you and make you laugh. . . They entertained me wondrously well . . . made me laugh until I wept. So go catch Transactors Improv Company. Take Kleenex.
Robert Jones, features writer for the New York Times

Imaginative and skilled comedic voyages that are sure to entertain. . .
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

If you’re not sure you’d like improvisational comedy because you think it’s just some big party game, or if the only improvisation you’ve seen is at a stand-up comedy club, go to see Transactors. You’re in for a big surprise.
Raleigh News & Observer

(T)hese six improvisational experts created an entire play, with comedy, tragedy, music, and lyrics. And the lyrics not only fit the meter of the music, they rhymed. They not only rhymed, they made sense; and not only did they make sense, but also (as every song in a good musical should) aided in moving along the plot line. Unbelievable! . . . Hats off, and a big “Well done!” to the Transactors.
The Chapel Hill News

“The hour seemed to fly by because it was such a laid back, silly time. There were kids and adults of all ages there, and I heard everyone laughing, so it’s a great event…”
Stir Crazy Moms of Durham (responding to Transactors Improv: For Families!) (read entire review)

… (A) great example of how comic genius performs under pressure.

What is to be loved from the idea of improv, and what the Transactors are superb at, is the perfect moment that is created by two or more fast-acting minds on-stage… There are two things that are readily obvious from attending a Transactors show. The first is, you are going to have a very good time–and if you don’t laugh, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. The other is that the folks in Transactors will stay acute long into their old age, because the work they are doing in presenting these lovely shows keeps their minds razor-sharp.
Alan R. Hall in Robert’s Reviews

They played it as much for drama as comedy, which was a change from the other groups…
The Independent

Transactors Improv Company masterminds an improvisational musical, complete with clear storyline, music and characters…
The Daily Tar Heel (UNC-Chapel Hill)

They could take their show on the road to any town anywhere in the U.S. and become an instant hit. Why? Because they’re inventive and original.
Focus Magazine

Theaters/Educational Presenters

I am honored to have had them in our season. Not only do I recommend them highly for booking; I hail them as one of North Carolina’s treasures.
Megan Evans-White, Executive Director
Davie County Arts Council, Mocksville, NC

My boss was really angry last night because he’s getting over a cold and you made him laugh, which made him fearful of a coughing fit. Very seriously, everyone seemed to have a great time, including the wait staff. Bossman told me this morning that he’d like to do it again.
Michael Crane, Associate Dean of Research, Marketing and Outreach
College of Fine Arts and Communication, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

The show went great. The kids had a great time participating and thought it was very funny–my 7th-grader included! The performers were very nice and easy to work with. It could not have gone better!
Susan Lutz
Phillips Middle School PTA, Chapel Hill

Unfailingly, Transactors have packed our cabaret and sent each member of our diverse audience home with many great laughs under their belts and, frequently, some fresh perspectives ruminating in their minds.
Andrea Wagner, Chairperson
Union Activities Board
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Our audience loved the Transactors Improv Company. I can safely say it is one of the finest performances that our organization has ever presented. The ensemble is incredibly funny and many people were literally crying with laughter.
Michael P. Stephenson
Cedarhurst Theater, Mt. Vernon, IL

Thanks so much for…the Transactors performance on Saturday night with just the right touches of sensitivity, humor and insight. Everyone had a great time… Your ability to change the program at the last minute was appreciated by all of us.
Carol Vorhaus
Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, Chapel Hill

(We have) employed this incredible group several times over the last (13) years. Each show, each experience has been a treat–an improvised work of art. They have performed for our middle school and high schools. They work with students and staff in a positive and engaging manner. I am always amused at how they can diffuse typical student suggestions for improvising and turn them into acceptable, fun theatre pieces! Their evening community programs are stellar!
Jane Lonon, Director
Ashe County Arts Council, Jefferson, NC

Your patience, hard work, and professionalism were greatly appreciated by the teachers and students… They took in and appreciated far more than their behavior might have suggested. You are very giving people…generous to share your talents in teaching these kids. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any school.
Jana Collins, PTA President
McDougle Middle School, Carrboro, NC

…(S)tudents and teachers agree, the Transactors Improv Company are wonderful performers that we would recommend to all audiences. We…would definitely have them back to perform for us again…
Rugby MS Literary Magazine
Hendersonville, NC

It was truly the highlight of our cultural arts program for the year. The 9th-12th graders had a fantastic time. They were totally entertained, loved participating with the Transactors, and learned a lot about creative expression both in the show and in the workshop. . . The experience was one that these young people will never forget.
Sarah Froeber
Cape Hatteras Secondary School, Buxton, NC

As you may have noticed from the audience response, the children and the teachers enjoyed the show immensely! You opened the door to their experience of theatre a little wider and we thank you for that.
Barbara Polston, Principal
The Franciscan School, Raleigh

I want to thank you and the other Transactors for the marvelous performance you gave at SECCA. . . . We were delighted with the diversity of the audience and they were delighted with your show. . . . Your performance was a high point in our fall program. . . . We particularly appreciate the company’s willingness to “play to the children.” In doing so, you successfully reached everyone.
Terri Dowell-Dennis
Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem

Once again, Transactors was a big hit in the Union County Public Schools! It is always a pleasure for you to perform for us, bringing with you a cooperative spirit, new ideas and a tremendously energetic company. Your creative, entertaining and amusing approach to teaching our middle and high school students is part of the reason that the Union County Community Arts Council’s arts in education projects are so successful year after year. Thank you for working with us to guarantee that our students receive top quality cultural arts programs.
Barbara Faulk
Union County Community Arts Council, Monroe, NC

A delight. Creativity in action. We have continued to hear raves.
Jinks Ramsey, Director
Transylvania Arts Council
Brevard, N.C.

Thank you for a great performance here at Princeton School! Our middle-school students certainly enjoyed the show and talked about it for days afterward. They enjoyed being an integral part of the show. We appreciate your promptness, courtesy, and (especially) humor. (You were) easy to work with and really showed our students what improvisation was about. I hope our students learn to think fast on their feet just as your group did! We recommend your show for any school…
Rhonda J. Ward, Assistant Principal
Princeton School, Princeton, NC

We have always loved having Transactors. . . . You guys are just the thing to chill everyone out and help everyone keep things in perspective (and you just thought you were being funny!).
Megan Mazzocchi, Associate Director
The John Motley Morehead Foundation
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Transactors Improv have won the hearts of all who saw them perform in Tarboro! . . . Many who were present have beggedus to bring the company back, and comments included statements such as “better than early SNL” and “funnier than TV sitcoms.” All I know is, we were dying with laughter–what a pleasant way to go! . . . (T)hank you for bringing such loony exuberance to our little town.
Meade B. Horne
Edgecombe Co. Cultural Arts Council, Tarboro, NC

The performance was great. We’d love to have them again!
Ellen Thum
Millbrook H.S., Raleigh

Students love the Transactors. That’s why we’ll have them come again this spring making it eight years in a row. . . . A great evening’s entertainment.
Sandra Gosnell
N.C. School of Science & Math, Durham

You really filled the bill for us. The humor ranges from the ridiculous to the sublimely intelligent.
Beth Budd, Assistant Director
Duke University Union, Durham

We would highly recommend this group and plan to have them back with us for future performances.
Colten Marble
Town of Matthews (NC)

Corporate Presenters

I got a lot of compliments on the entertainment and wanted to thank you again for doing such an awesome job. You guys were just what I was looking for and it seems that everyone enjoyed the show.
Karen Price
North Carolina Medical Group Managers

It is so difficult for me to describe the positive comments the attendees made to me after the (convention) had ended, and over 95% of the critique sheets mentioned your performance. (Three attendees actually had tears streaming down their faces because they had been laughing so hard.) . . . Transactors Improv Company definitely impacted our success. Not only do you have the ability to individualize each program for your clients, but you . . . are just darn funny people. . .
Karen M. Wiley
Professional Secretaries International

Thank you for the hilarious performance… Thanks also for your flexibility and willingness to put this together in such a short time. NCCSQA members deal with government regulations and other decidedly non-funny issues… (T)he group both enjoyed and appreciated the levity you brought to the luncheon.
Edith McMillan
North Carolina Chapter of the Society for Quality Assurance

The president said you were the best entertainment that we’ve had in 15 years of putting on a conference.
Robert McNutt, M.D.
Society for Medical Decision Making

Pure fun and absolute hilarity . . . You consistently work your magic.
Karen Metzguer, Education Coordinator
Department of Pediatrics
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Audiences and Students

I’m still catching my breath from your Transactors Valentine’s Day Musical tour de force. I’m always amazed at the ability of great improvisers to seamlessly build character and narrative, but to successfully add music feels nothing short of heroic… I’ve seen many great shows in New York and London but this one left me breathless.
Elizabeth A.
Chapel Hill

I want you to know that I’m an Equity actress and it’s not just that I enjoyed your performance, it’s closer to say I was amazed at the quality and kind of improv that you did… Being a professional, I find it difficult to watch bad acting or bad improvs and your group was so far above anyone else.
Donna G.

The show was awesome and scary–as in real-time scary. Creepy, creepy, wonderful stuff. How do you guys do that improv stuff so well?! Your performance had the appearance of a well-rehearsed script. But there was no script, just genius.
Cindy B. (responding to Transactors’ Suspense!)
Chapel Hill

…I just wanted to say that both I and the guest I brought who’d never seen improv before really enjoyed it. It’s truly incredible what you guys pull off up there… That you can manage to create a coherent play that flows smoothly without the benefit of any planning or editing, and your coordination up there, is downright incredible (I feel a bit oh-shucks-ey saying stuff like that, but it’s true). And it’s extremely interesting to see improv applied to drama rather than comedy–in many ways I think that’s tougher, and of course runs deeper… Looking forward to future performances.
Aner T. (responding to Transactors’ Get Serious)

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we enjoyed your improv performance at the Matthews Night Out… We brought our teenage daughters and they just loved the show… (Our) youngest daughter had signed up for an improv class…and you all sparked her enthusiasm further for this type of acting. Many thanks for a wonderful evening out for our family.
Barbara M.

I’ll never forget my surprise, the first time I saw you perform, at how delightfully FUN theatre could be! I had no idea the improv process–with YOUR talents–could be so much more thrilling than regular “Expectable Entertainment.” And the part in me left hungry from my creativity-starved Daily American Life suddenly felt alive and at the soda fountain! Oh, happy me! I now describe your shows as the most reliable entertainment . . . in the area. Please don’t ever stop sharing your gifts!
Chapel Hill

Your performance yesterday at our auditorium was spectacular. We all enjoyed your wonderful sense of humor and wit. Your creativity was most outstanding. Everyone was attentive while you performed. . . . We learned so much about acting and how every person can express a situation differently.
Jessica and Hayden (seventh graders)
Leesville Road MS, Raleigh

You have also been a terrific teacher, really good to all of us, sincere, kind, very informative, and above all inspirational. Thank you so very much Greg. I just can’t thank you enough for how much fun I have had. You do good things.
Melissa Lozoff
Chapel Hill

What a WONDERFUL and TALENTED bunch of folks you have!! I was entertained beyond all expectations! I laughed and laughed and was delighted the whole time! THANK YOU for showing some very wonderful Theatre. . . You do the what I like to support; folks having fun helping others to have fun and share the wonderful art of improv, music, comedy, and of course Theatre!!! Thank you again for an absolutely marvelous time! KUDOS and BRAVO to you ALL!
Cain M. Bilbrey, Technical Director
Raleigh Little Theatre

(We) thank you most deeply for guiding us in our exploration of the improv form. You are a superb teacher and we are grateful for your help.
Fred O. Smith, MD
Peer Productions, Inc.

You keep bringing your great good work to our community.
N.C. Representative Ellie Kinnaird

Thank you so much for. . . . the improv workshop. Everyone had a really great time and it was a mind-opening experience for a lot of people.
UNC Self Knowledge Symposium

(Y)our show still sticks out in my mind as one of the most entertaining and expertly improvised shows I’ve ever witnessed. I laughed wholeheartedly and admired your proficiency in long-form and the correct way of doing improv — I was amazed and impressed.
John M.

…I nearly threw my back out laughing…
John B.

“The performance was lively and the audience involvement was great.”
Mitch J. (eighth grader)
Rugby MS, Hendersonville, NC

It was fantastic!


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